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Kindred Eyes 3 by MellorianJ
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Until I see a picture of your face, you look and sound like your muse.

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I respect the fact that you have other things going on in your life beyond answering our thread. And sometimes people have writer’s block. I get that. 
Take your time replying to me and don’t feel guilty. 
I’d rather you took your time and was proud and happy with your reply than sending me a rushed one, anyway. 

jechtx whispered,

I was just passin' around and well, after see you.... Can I get on ya pants?



Being the tease that he was, Frankie crossed his arms and smirked softly. “And just what exactly is it that you plan on doing while you’re in there?”

"How you blitz, hm? And what all would that lesson consist of?"


Oh well, it consist on rough play-time body to body, with always a result ya get exhaust and well… pretty bad hurt. Lesson goes like that,here,  Pretty rough game anyway… were I’m the Best!

send me ☁ for a thought my muse has had about yours

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